From Dublin, the final presentations

We’ve got video of the four finalists giving their presentations. You can see their slide decks here.


Grand Prize: Priscilla Mok


1st Runner Up: Diksha Grover


2nd Runner-Up: Siri Johansson


Honourable Mention: Jaime Krakowiak


From Dublin, the final results

Just over a week ago, we came together with our four winners for a great two-day masterclass, with guest lectures and critics (thanks to Steve Baty, Martin Colebourne, Dan Lockton and Fiachra Ó Marcaigh). We debated, brainstormed, discussed, and designed. And after class, the students went back to their hotel and worked and worked and worked.  As the conference itself kicked off, each one got up and shared their vision for the future of the news for an audience that included our awesome judges as well a heap of conference attendees. The judges voted, we tallied, and here are the results!
Grand Prize: Priscilla Mok


1st Runner Up: Diksha Grover


2nd Runner-Up: Siri Johansson


Honourable Mention: Jaime Krakowiak

And what did they win? A dazzling array of prizes!

Meanwhile, our winners have taken on @ixdanewsfutures to continue the discussion. Check it out!

Ready??? Set??? What the @IxDASDC finalists are competing for this year

With under a week to go, we’d like to unveil the prizes our fantastic finalists will be competing for in Dublin. Just a reminder: each has already won airfare to Dublin, registration for the conference, and accommodation during the conference, courtesy of Thomson Reuters and the IxDA.

Over the 31st Jan & 1st Feb they’ll design a pitch for the Future of News, from which our jury will then award the following prizes!

Grand Prize

1st Runner-Up

2nd Runner-Up

Honourable Mention

wow! I’m excited! Thanks to all our wonderful sponsors, particularly Thomson Reuters, for making all this possible!

see you in Dublin!


    Here’s the jury for the onsite challenge, coming up very soon in Dublin

    We’ve got an amazing bunch of folks who will be reviewing the student pitches at the conference in Dublin!


    Check out some of the other submissions

    Besides highlighting our four winners, we wanted to show some of the other videos we received. While many of them are findable on YouTube and Vimeo, we’re only publishing videos from people who explicitly gave us the go-ahead.

    Fawn Ellis, Delft University of Technology


    Lonnie Petersheim, The University of the Arts


    Pratheep Chandrasekhar, University of Sussex


    Larry Buchanan, Indiana University — Bloomington


    Hongyuan Jiang, Indiana University — Bloomington



    Marie Bautista, Indiana University


    Jonathan Lewis, Austin Center for Design


    David Chen, Savannah College of Art and Design


    Melonnie Manohar, National Institute of Design


    Edward Rice, Indiana University


    Announcing our winners!

    Whew! Our wonderful judges have sifted through the 56 entries! We heard from a number of judges how impressed they were overall with the quality of the entries and the creativity and passion that the group overall had to offer. Of course, this makes the selection process a difficult one. We’ve thought to ourselves “Well, what if we could take them ALL!!!” but of course, we can’t.

    We managed to find four wonderful and inspiring entries among all the bounty of goodness we received from around the world. Our winners are (in no particular order)

    • Diksha Grover – National Institute of Design, India
    • Siri Johansson – Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden
    • Jaime Krakowiak – Austin Center for Design, USA
    • Priscilla Mok – Carnegie Mellon University, USA

    Here are each of their videos







    Thanks to our judges for their wonderful work and for all the entrants who contributed such a great set of videos. We are now exceptionally enthusiastic about the upcoming experience in Dublin.


    Almost got our @ixdconf design challenge finalists. Almost!

    With most of the jury in we’re near the end of the first phase, and will be ready to announce our 2012 design challenge finalists very soon. We probably won’t hit the Monday 19th deadline though (well, it’s 22:43 on Monday here in Oz, but its still Sunday in some parts of the world 🙂

    This is just a short note to say we’ll be back with some great news very soon…